EVS of the National Uprising Council of the Iranian people

Holding the first online elections based on the real will of Iranians around the world

important Notice

A message to our dear compatriots

Due to receiving many messages from our compatriots inside and outside the country about extending the time of the second round of elections due to the filtering of the site for the liberation of the Iranian people by the Islamic Republic inside Iran and creating sufficient time and equal conditions for our esteemed compatriots Participation in this critical stage of the elections, we decided to increase and extend the time of holding this stage of the elections to allow more participation of our compatriots in this national-popular movement.

important Notice

A message with the candidates proposed by the people

Dear Candidates, The names published in the list of proposed candidates located in the smart election system have been published based on the proposals submitted by Iranians around the world. 

Also, if any of the proposed candidates wish to withdraw from this (national-patriotic movement), please send your formally withdraw by Rah-E-Rahayee-Mardom-Iran's mail to rrmiranch@gmail.com

And the nominated candidates who are inside Iran have 24 hours before the end of the second round of the election process, while agreeing with the laws, they officially declare their desire to attend the National Uprising Steering Council by sending an Email to the Iranian people. Otherwise, in order to maintain the safety and health of the proposed candidates inside Iran, their names will be automatically removed from the election process.

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Third stage

Introduction and acquaintance with selected candidates

On performing

Fourth stage

Holding Steering Council elections

Not started yet

Use the following sections to learn more about the process of online elections

Candidates nominated by the people

Description of the first step

Dear compatriot, at this stage, you can suggest to the Rah-E-rahayee-Mardom-Iran site any person or persons that you consider suitable to be introduced as a candidate to participate in the elections of the Steering Council of the National Uprising of the Iranian People, so that it can be included in the list of candidates proposed by the people.

Conditions for candidates nominated by the people

Regardless of ideology and only with the Iranian nationality of a person or persons and with a firm belief in 

Complete overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Believing in preserving the territorial integrity and integrity of the country

Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Complete separation of religion and government in the future of Iran

Respect for all ideas, beliefs and thoughts in the future of Iran

Unconditional equality The principle of equality between women, men and the third sex

and having characteristics such as diplomacy - ability - patience - self-confidence - self-sacrifice - accountability - honesty - transparency

If your desired person or persons benefit from these features, nominate them

"The Iranian nation is waiting for the formation of this council."

Ways to introduce the proposed candidates

All candidates could be nominated through Rah-E-Rahayee-Mardom-Iran official channels

 WhatsApp number 0013059872500

In the EVS in the section of introducing the proposed candidates

number of nominees 375 person

This step has been completed

Selection from among the proposed candidates

Description of the second stage

Selection from among the proposed candidates

Description of the second stage

The selected candidates will be selected from among the candidates proposed by the Iranians

The elections are only available in the smart referendum forum of the Rah-E-Rahayee-Mardom-Iran site EVS

At this stage of the election, 375 candidates nominated by Iranians around the world have been placed in the referendum hall.

In the Referendum Forum you will see the image, name, surname and number of candidates separately.

Suggested candidates will be displayed in a random structure on a single page

In the election process, each person can choose between one and fifty candidates after entering the referendum hall.

After selecting the candidates to complete the voting process, you must make the final confirmation option and finally click on the Submit button to register your vote successfully.

Please note that you must select your preferred candidates correctly before selecting a voting button and be sure to check that your vote is registered. Otherwise, your vote will not be registered

Be careful, each machine can only register once in the election process

You can view the results online on your device after voting

The numbers displayed in the referendum ballot count do not represent the number of voters

The order of voting results is based on the number of votes cast from highest to lowest, which can be tracked instantly and online.

How to register a vote in the referendum hall

All steps of participating in the elections and registering the votes are available in the referendum hall 


Number of candidates nominated 375 Person In the first step

The second stage - the selection of candidates by the people