Rules and Conditions for Participating in the National Uprising Governing Council Elections

The second stage of the Governing Council elections

Dear compatriots

Thank you for your presence, we have begun the process of the second phase of the National Uprising Governing Council election, and you will learn more about the rules and conditions for holding this stage. It is recommended that you read this section carefully before voting

    • Selection of nominees from among Iranian candidates
    • The elections are only available in the smart referendum forum of the Rahe-Rahayee-Mardom-Iran site election system
    • At this stage of the election 375 candidates proposed by Iranians around the world are visible in the referendum
    • In the Referendum Forum you will see the image, name, surname and number of candidates separately.
    • Suggested candidates will be displayed in a random structure on a single page
    • During the election process, after entering the referendum, anyone can choose between one and fifty candidates
    • After selecting the candidates to complete the voting process, you must make the final confirmation option and finally click on the Submit button to register your vote successfully.
    • Please note that you must select your preferred candidates correctly before selecting a voting button and be sure to check that your vote is registered. Otherwise, your vote will not be registered
    • Be careful, each machine can only register once in the election process
    • You can view the results online on your device after voting
    • The numbers displayed in the referendum ballot count do not represent the number of voters
    • The order of voting results is based on the number of votes cast from highest to lowest, which can be tracked instantly and online.
    • To participate in the online selection, you can select the “Confirm Rules and Conditions” option and then click on the “Enter to Referendum ” button