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Participants in the referendum


Duration Time of RRMIRAN Referendum Process


Recorded vote

The results of the Rah-E-Rahayee-Mardom-Iran first poll

Do you agree with the Rah-E-Rahayee-Mardom-Iran proposal?

Yes - I totally agree.
16,892 Registered Votes. 97.02% percent of Total 17410 Votes
Yes - I agree to some extent.
470 Registered votes. 2.70% Percent of total 17410 Votes
No - I do not agree with this plan.
29 Registered Votes. 0.17% Percent of Total 17410 Votes
I have no idea .
19 Registered Votes. 0.11% Percent of Total 17410 Votes

Duration Time of Iranian's Suggested Candidates Process


Duration Time Of Process To the number of days

The duration of the first phase of the election (nomination by the people) lasted for 12 weeks and the Iranians suggest 375 people.

Suggestions received

The number of candidates submitted by the people

Total Suggestions = 47846 Suggests
Waste suggestions = 765 Suggests
Valid suggestions = 47081 Suggests
Number47081suggestions recorded

Suggestions set by Iranians around the world

Initial results from 375 candidates were nominated to Rah-E-Rahayee-Mardom-Iran's system by beloved countrymen

Browsers by percentage

Devices by percent

Analysis based on the candidates' suggestions through the means of communication by the people

Proposed from inside or outside the country in percentage


Suggested candidates by the people


Suggested Candidates (Ladies)


Suggested Candidates (Gentlemen)

Suggested candidates