important Notice

A message to our dear compatriots

Due to receiving many messages from our compatriots inside and outside the country about extending the time of the second round of elections due to the filtering of the site for the liberation of the Iranian people by the Islamic Republic inside Iran and creating sufficient time and equal conditions for our esteemed compatriots Participation in this critical stage of the elections, we decided to increase and extend the time of holding this stage of the elections to allow more participation of our compatriots in this national-popular movement.

important Notice

A message with the candidates proposed by the people

Dear Candidates, The names published in the list of proposed candidates located in the smart election system have been published based on the proposals submitted by Iranians around the world. 

Please, if any of the proposed candidates want to withdraw from this (national and patriotic movement), please send their formal resignation to the Rah-E-Rahayee-Mardom-Iran email. And the proposed candidates who are inside Iran have 24 hours before the end of the second round of the election process, while agreeing with the laws, and officially expressing their desire to attend the National Uprising Steering Council by sending an Email to the Rah-E-Rahayee-Mardom-Iran. Otherwise, in order to maintain the safety and health of the proposed candidates inside Iran, their names will be automatically removed from the election process.

Candidates Whose names and pictures are not seen in this forum, they have given up this national and patriotic movement with their official request.

هم میهن گرامی شما در حال ورود به تالار همه پرسی هستید

در صورت بالا بودن تعداد رأی دهندگان حاضر در تالار ، شما در صف انتظار قرار خواهید گرفت .خواهشمند است شکیبا بوده و برای مشاهده کاندیداهای پیشنهادی  بر روی دکمه "آغاز رأی دادن" کلیک نمایید